Sunday, 10 May 2015

To blog or not to blog

That has been the question for a few years.  Over those years, I have had plenty to say about plenty of things, and have often thought “if I had a blog, I would write about that”.  The question always bounced back - who would want to read what I have to say?

Well, those questions remain relevant today – so why am I starting this blog now?  As a marketing consultant, I have to advise and recommend when planning a client’s marketing strategy, which channels they should use.  Aside from the most popular social media channels – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest – there lurks the longer running question of ‘blogging’.

When advising clients, I do not recommend all the channels to all my clients.  I do not subscribe to the mantra that you must engage on every possible channel – they are not all appropriate for every type of business and, more importantly (or at least, as importantly), you have to look at the resources of the client that are available.  Setting them up with a blog or social media channel that is never used or updated can do more harm than good.

I will cover these issues, and more, in future blogs, and intend to give real case studies (though I may not always be able to mention the client by name) of all aspects of marketing and event management.  I also fully intend to use this blog to have a rant (one of the key reasons for starting this blog), tell some stories but all with a marketing focus.  And I will also be asking some questions – so if no one ever reads this blog, we will soon find out by the lack of answers that come back!

I built my website a few years ago and, back then, sites were not ‘responsified’ or ‘mobilised’.  However, thanks to Google changing the way they rank sites, they have forced my hand into responsifying my website.  So at this juncture, I explored the idea of adding a blog while I did the makeover – and that, dear reader, is why I have decided it’s time to blog.  It will be interesting to see what it does for my SEO and engagement with clients, potential clients and the world at large.  If no one engages, I shall still have fun writing.

Until the next…

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