Monday, 25 April 2016

If we have "new improved recipe" why don't we have "same price, smaller pack" honest labelling?

I have a consumer rant to explore and expose.  I have been buying a 1kg pack of Chicken Breasts from Morrisons for £5.00 for a very long time and it's very much a part of my weekly shop.  I know how much it serves, I know how many people I can cater for before I need to buy a second pack.  One day, when serving dinner, I noticed how little was left for me after serving everyone else (cook is always served last).  I made a comment at dinner and thought nothing more about it.

When I was next doing my shopping, I went to select my chicken and noticed that the weight on the pack was now, suddenly, without announcement or fanfare, 800g.  Still £5 a pack - the same large yellow £5.00 label on it that is usually the focus of the shopper - the price.  So not only have they sneaked in a 20% price increase on this product, but now I have the added dilemma of the new pack size not feeding the number of people I used to feed.  So now what?  Do I pay £10 for two packs of chicken and have leftovers?  Do I pay the higher per kg price and by a smaller pack as well as the bigger pack?  That doesn't work out mathematically as you get less for your money.

Prices do have to increase (although I think 20% is pretty disgraceful) - but wouldn't it have been nice, and honest and fair to put a sticker on the pack that said at least "smaller pack" or in promo speak "new, convenient size" (even though the container is the same size, it just contains less chicken!).

I am a big Morrisons fan - having been a Tescos, Sainsbury's (and sometime Waitrose) regular - but this kind of practice makes me feel utterly duped and conned - not a happy shopper.