Monday, 16 May 2016

Nauseating Email Marketing

An unsolicited marketing email landed in my inbox which I found so nauseating, I simply had to reach for the blog!  This is what it said:

Hi ,
I was thinking about Charlie Apple a few days ago because it was brought to my attention by an excellent Account Manager I've gotten to know.
As part of the conversation I asked if there were any companies that he could recommend and Charlie Apple came up.
I wasn't sure who to contact and I therefore wanted to reach out to ask who I should speak with there about considering new staff?
Simply "Reply" to this email and I'll arrange to speak with you to discuss further if that's OK?
With kind regards,

Now, I can assure you reader that there was no such Account Manager that he's "gotten to know", and that Charlie Apple did not come up in conversation as I have never used a recruitment company.  As a marketing company being marketed to, marketeers really need to tread a little more carefully. Surely, if we are worth our salt, we would see straight through such an overt pile of rubbish.  Cripes, you wouldn't even need to have an iota of marketing experience to see straight through this, would you?

I was tempted to reply and then when we spoke, push for the name of the "excellent Account Manager" that Keith has gotten to know.  But Keith's game is to get you hooked in and then once he's engaged with you in person, he can flim flam his way out of any and all questions and rely on his superb salesmanship (of which I have no experience to comment) and pull in a sale.

There was a follow up to this email from Keith - the type that says 'just checking to see if you got my email....'.  Of course I could have offered him the services of Charlie Apple as he clearly needs to improve on his marketing tactics. 

Let's have some honest approaches - there's nothing wrong with a regular pitch telling your target what you do and why or when they should contact you.  Why all the BS?  It's damaging to your reputation and is more likely to put people off than to have them hit 'reply'.

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